Welcome to WVII. These pages will contain information about Charleston WV 2005 and beyond.

So, let's get started.......

Here is the mountain cabin that we first stayed in


A cabin in the woods on a mountainside. LOL it was barely holding up.

Enough of that one...

Now DUMP # 2....

1413 Jackson St.

We named it "The House in Hell". The Neighborhood has gone to seed and is full off human weeds. Go to Safer Charleston WV  It's a 1920's Arts and Craft home. Hardwood floors, Crown Molding downstairs. This picture was taken before we decided to take it. 

Boy was that a Mistake!

Now on to our new HOME. 

It's on the West Side of Charleston. It's in much better shape and this is a start of a new chapter in our lives.

Charleston's West Side

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