Being an Aires, I have lots of opinions. And like A--Holes we all have one... lol. Anyway I thought I'd share some of them with the world. I will be adding to this as I go through life. They will be separated on different pages by subject.  So where do I begin?????


Being an American

Read the above... 

Now for some feelings of being a Gay American....

After watching the "President" of the United States 'State of the Union Address' last night I have for the first time in my life felt like looking about moving to Canada. He talked about American Values. And yet he talked about using the U. S. Constitution to discrimintate against Me and People like me. 

One thing that caught my attention was when he spouted off about how DOMA was done by "The People" ???????? Did I miss that election??? I don't remember it being put to a vote. He made comments like a group of 'Activists Judges', well wasn't DOMA Passed by a group of people? 

I've thought this before... Why should any GLBT person in the U.S. pay taxes????? We don't have rights,,,, treated like 2nd or third class citizens.

 Hell, Illegal Aliens have more rights than a Born and Bread American!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoken Like a True American Fag!

NO MORE BUSH!!!!!!!!



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More will come as I have time to think and spout off.

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