Louisiana is a world unlike any other. Sure places try to have that Louisiana feel but they don't even come close. Louisiana is still under laws that were written by Napoleon.

They have Mardi Gras! A great site  to find out about Mardi Gras is MardiGrasNewOrleans

     We moved to Louisiana in 1981 the first time. We lived in Baton Rouge, the state capital. We moved to Florida in 1988. Then lived in New Orleans from 1992 to 95. We moved back to Baton Rouge in 1998, and Finally got the hell out in 2005! 

     Here are some pics... there are more to come as I get them scanned.... These came from Gay Pride one year. We had gotten an apartment on Bourbon St. It was great. The Apartment is in a converted town home that was built in the late 1700's. We had the third story, with a balcony overlooking Bourbon St.

The one to the left and the one below is from our balcony!
The one above and the one to the right is from the Gay Pride Parade.

      These pictures are from the house that we last lived in...

Above is our house!
Above is our courtyard in the back This is my herb garden... The tall one is lemongrass.
This is a close up of my Patchouli
Bottle Brush Bush Len's Bougainvillea 

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