Bad Blood    

What is it that makes the difference?

Our Birth? The genes? Those, oh so, striking formative years?

The first site, sense, and dark excitement?

Or maybe the first exposure, forming a bond spanning all.


We are called to altars, offering ourselves in hope of acceptance.

Giving all to fit, to understand, to be.

Yet the difference which make us one, holds strong.

Compelling us to the understanding of our core.


What's that you say, hypothalamus?

Makes our blood boil, seeking a love undared.

Where within us does this lay?

How does it drive me to seek my heart in distant ways?


No, surely that cannot be.

It must be in our life-force, our blood.

Something in common yet with each unique.

That which is the clout of the dissident.


For in the end, it is that which stands us apart.

When towers fell from the sky, and geometrics split.

All came to do their part, to give.

Yet ours will not be taken, we are tainted by presumption.


We are declared unclean, untouchables.

Our hearts are destined to love, and the evidence is in.

These very loving hearts, which pump life to all,

Must be the culprit which has stained our blood.


Jerry, FDA, and the scarlet cross all agree.

It may be our love which is forbidden.

As we love with our hearts it has soiled the red gold.

No sir, we won't take your gift, the life you offer.


Like your love, your heart.

It is bad, it carries the love throughout you.

That may spread to others, cause more.

No sir, not today, for we know you have, bad blood.


Thoughts of a Gay HIV-Neg man on giving blood.

Dedicated to my best friend, Mountman, and to all the others who

sought to give not just due to 9-11-01, but in any time of need.

Len Rogers 11/18/01


I want to thank Len for his striking words. 

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