Reading is power!!!? Yes it is... It has brought me knowledge of many things that I use in everyday life. I used to hate to read. Reading was something that you did for school. It wasn't until Jr. High that I picked up a Readers Digest Condensed book. It contained a story called Waiting For Willa By Dorothy Eden. It's a mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole book. I was hooked. It was like someone who's never eaten and has just ate their first meal. The hunger I felt for the knowledge was insatiable. 

    Since then I have never stopped. I read just about everything. I do lean towards Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. But, I also read biographies, mysteries, how-to books, you name it. 

Below is a list of some of the authors I have read. I will be adding to them. As I work on this section of, you will see that the list grows and some of the authors will have their own page.  These pages may contain a list of the books I have read, books they have written, a synopsis of the book, my take on the books. Who knows? First, click on their name to go to their personal site in a new window.  


Their Sites

My Pages

Anne McCaffrey Anne McCaffrey
John Saul  
Edgar Allen Poe  
Duane Simolke
Check out my reviews at StoneWall Society
Stephen King  
Steven R. Donaldson
(Stephen didn't have his own site, but this one is cool.)
Anne Rice  
Robert A. Heinlein  
J. K. Rowling  
Piers Anthony  
Patricia Nell Warren