These pages require that you have MS Agent downloaded plus the MS Agent Characters.

All of these downloads can be found at 
The  Pages were created with Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper ( a wonderful program)

Here is another great program... MUSH takes KAR and MID files and creates singing scripts that work with MASH!

...or you can check out the links below. 

Here are the links to the things you need to make them work.
Install Microsoft Agent Core Componentsversion 2.0 (395K)

Install the Microsoft Speech Control Panel(840K)

Install the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine,version 4.0 (6MB)

Install the Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice,Text-to-Speech Engine (English version)  (1MB).

Merlin, Peedy, Genie, and Robby are from Microsoft and MASH knows where to find them. Pages that require extra characters are listed with the Characters needed to make the pages work. Find out which Characters are needed then go below and follow the instructions then click on the pages title to view the shows. 

Mountman's Mixtures Mountman's Agent Shows Mountman's Poetry Corner Cole Porter Songbook
Welcome to Mountman's Mash Pages
The Wiccan Rede
'Family Values?'
Diversity in Cyberland
Robby's Jokes Page Oscar Wilde's The Doer of Good WELL, DID YOU EVAH?
Felini, Janet, Vinnie, and Blanche
Each Day is a Gift!
Max and Blanche
The StoneWall Society
Oscar Wilde's Garden of Eros Anything Goes
Mountman's Musical Pages Mountman's MS Agent Montage
Blanche, Buffalo Bob, Bugs, Janet, Chuck, Cathie, Caesar, Brooke, and Rebecca
Walt Whitman's - I Hear America Singing Holiday Agents
Stouthearted Men!
By Duane Simolke
 T'was the Night Before Christmas
Vinnie Sings about the Man he loves.
The Ex-Me Movement
By Duane Simolke
Vinnie and Janet
T'was the Night before the Drag Show
Your Song
'Bad Blood'
 A Poem by Len Rogers
But Not For Me
It's a Spooky 
And I Love You So
Vinnie and Victor
Country Roads
Buffalo Bob
Gourdy, Gar, Reaper, Skull

MS Agent Characters

Due to Bandwidth and space all characters now can be found at 

Click on the link to download the characters. It will install the character to your windows subfile .../MSAgent/CHAR. The exe files were created with Char Package from Bell Craft, so they are safe to use. You will only have to do each character one time. You don't have to save the file unless you want to.  

Note: (If you don't have the characters that go with the page it won't work right.)


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