I’ve looked for my love my whole life

To share my joys and my strife

I even asked the powers that be

to send my true love to me


 Then one day I’d given up hope

And I was at the end of my rope.

I deleted all the apps except for one

A voice inside my head said, “Give it one more try, hon”.


When I did, I didn’t expect much

You see, I was so tired of the scammers and such

Then there he was ‘ThePower1974’ on Plenty of Fish

Little did I know the Powers had granted my wish.


We texted and messaged back and forth for a month,

then we met on that faithful day.

With both of us being morning folk

Our date started at 9am, no joke


From that first date we both knew it was more than just a hookup

The electricity we felt in that first embrace

Was so powerful we could not erase.

Our hearts were afire with the blaze up.


On our second date he let it slip

Before he left “I Love You” came from his lips

He then stumbled and stammered

And tried to take it back

“too soon” he said, but my heart felt like it was hammered.


I had been questioning my feelings within my heart

After that first date when he cut that fart

At that moment the first-date tension was gone.

I knew at that moment that he was My John


When ever I would say “Ok my Love”

He would say “too soon, hell”

And that is how

He became My L


On this page you will get to know my L, John. He has just turned 60 and we are starting a new chapter of our lives together. Come join us on our journey.

Our first date...

Our Second date...


Our Third date...

This was at Veterans Park. It was so cool to be in nature and being open to kissing. We were holding hands and snuggling when a kid and his father came along. We stopped snuggling but still held hands. We talked with the kid and his father for a bit before the kid had to use the bathroom. It was so natural and not uncomfortable at all.  We walked along the trails and checked out the dog park.

Our Fourth Date...

Our 5th date..


I finally made it to Falling Rock Falls. Wouldn't you know it, my phone died just before we got to the "falls". Because of the drought the rocks were there but no falls. Totally dry. Beautiful just the same.

Our 6th date...


John's Birthday is October the 7th. He got his present from me on the 8th. We went to lunch and then came back to my house and we repotted a couple of plants. Which is like therapy to the both of us. We grilled out and ate under our favorite spot, under the canopy.

The next day we went to Steak and Shake for breakfast then to Veteran's Park. 

Date No. 7...

Our First Camping Adventure


At this point I'm not sure what date # I was having too much fun to work on this... so here are some from one of our many visits to Shelby Iron Works Park
This is one Teresa sent of her and John Christmas of '16

He looks so happy. I know I was. We were already looking for a place to live together.

Moving forward to April

We are now living together!!!!!!!!!!



Falling Rock Falls the first time we went...

...nothing was falling but there were rocks and it was still beautiful!



We had planned to take a camping trip here. We were supposed to go camping on the day that he died.

A lot has happened between now and then.

Here are pictures from our latest walk at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


This is from a post by Teresa (John's/now my daughter....

Today I missed my father.

Not because he passed away recently but because in his last months he finally became comfortable enough in his own skin to be truly happy. He found a love like no other, one that was both freeing and complete. He found the love of his life, Joe Wright.

My father was a very determined man. He raised me on his own the best way he knew how. He taught me respect, and how to value myself as a woman. He sacrificed an incalculable amount to make sure I was taken care of, no matter what. My only regret is that he did not let me in to his new lifestyle sooner. He kept his homosexual relationship a secret from me, right until the very end.

He was trying to do what he thought was best. Protecting me, trying to keep anything that was going on with him from interfering with my own life. I wish that he had felt at ease enough to share what he was going through with me. After all, he was the one who made me the person I am.

All I can do now is continue on. I now have someone else in my life who has a depth of caring I have rarely seen. That person is my father's partner. Joe has been such a blessing in my life. I am so thankful to have him to talk to when I need a true friend. I know that my father loved him dearly, as do I.


Joe, you will always be a part of my life. Thank you so much for showing my father such unconditional love. I know we will both make him proud.

In my devastation I find comfort in this...

Thank you Teresa, from the bottom of my heart!

  I finally made it back to Birmingham Botanical Gardens on September 29 2017. John is now there with Walter.  

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