First off I must tell you that I am a Gay Male. My site is about me, so, it DOES contain Gay related material. It DOESN'T contain pornographic material of any kind. If this is what you are looking for, it's out there, so keep looking. If you would like to know what it's like to be a Gay 52 year old American man, then come on in and look around. Being gay is only part of who I am. I also am or have been a silk screen printer's apprentice, a Certified Behavior Analyst, a postal employee (look out), a DJ, bartender, waiter, Drag Queen, and yes, even  an exterminator, (and a few more). Most recently I've been a Book reviewer for StoneWall Society.  I have also am/have been a son, brother, uncle, Friend, adoptive father, and yes boys and girls I have been a Boy Scout!

 If you find the thought of something gay related offensive then come on in because you may be enlightened. 


If you don't want to see us in a more positive light, and stay narrow minded,  then you are more than welcome to 


May 19, 2021